Feb 17, 2008

Take a U Turn

The excitement levels have reached critical mass as I am finally ready to 'launch' my own daily single panel comic strip - ' U Turn ' on Ergo, the cool new tabloid targeted at the Yuppie population of Chennai !
U Turn is my first big step into the cool but tough world of daily cartoons.Its a constant fight against time and the forces, but well , stepping into the waters is half the battle won.The rest of the voyage depends on how well , U , the readers receive it (and hopefully understand my somewhat skewed humor). You are free to comment on the toons as you please.Feedback is essential to help me refine my humor.Ideas are also welcome, say perhaps you have a weird and wacky workplace tale to share you can lemme know and we will see if a toon can be made out of it. If by any chance you missed your copy of Ergo you can take a look at my archives on this blog to see the full series as and when they get published.
So without further ado, Take a U Turn and see the corporate world through my eyes !
Thanks are in order to Karthik and the Ergo team for giving me this amazing opportunity to work with them.Working with a publication from the house of The Hindu is quite an honor in itself and I hope I do justice to the faith bestowed on me.