Jun 3, 2008

U Turn #64 - Musical Chairs

Chair swapping...argh ! Just when your chair has cozied up to the shape of your butt and you get into a nice groove,the tilt angle perfected, the height just right and the arms not broken,one thing is bound to happen...you will come late one day and find your chair gone ,and in its place would be this lumpy old chair,with one arm broken,the tilt mechanism going all or nothing,and a height adjustment lever that refuses to work... Well now ya know how to put one over those chair swappers...... get a lock ! Remember,the cubicle is your kingdom and the chair is your throne !

Jun 2, 2008

U Turn #63 - Midnight Cowboy

How many times have you experienced this? You walk into the bay and you just have this inner voice that goes "hmm today somethings gotta give...the build could fail...some server could crash...some onsite resource could miss a patch....some quality audit could find some non-compliances"......its one thing or the other and on these days you just know that its gonna be a night-out in office... and more often than not these days tend to come in groups... well as long as the midnight oil is there, there's only one thing to do...burn baby,burn !