Feb 11, 2009

U Turn # 201 - Recursive loop


Anonymous said...

you want loops? I will give you loops you bloody bastard.. you son of an algorithmic bastard.. you open ended loop.. you good for nothing something.. you who share a drop of your starch.. you nutless scrotum.. you bloated sperm.. you who is born of a compulsive syndrome.. you who fucked bill gates.. you bloody bastard.

now that is a loop.

How about i give you a loop in your coveted and obnubilatingly mind fucking IT Lingo.

\\this is code for making arun kick his own butt for ever\\

\\p.s.: p.s. means post script. haha\\

Var libido.string = "impotent";
Arun == libido;
While(HR Babe == Female) {
IF ONLY (Arun => Male && Aruns Dick => 90degrees elevation)
{To Suppress Arun == Shag;} Else {To Suppress Arun == Kick his own butt;}
ELSEWHILE {HR Babe == Male}
IF Only (Arun => Male &&
Aruns Dick => 360degree circumnavigation)
{To Suppress Arun == Blow his own job;) Else
(To Suppress Arun == Kick his own butt;)

Print Aruns Butt;

Compile and execute this and you will get an endless supply of you own butts pictures. I dare you to make that a character apart from Naara Koodi and Sori Koodi.

Fucking incredible

Arun said...

anon,heh you really crack me up man !
Now I know posting obscene comments on my blog is the highpoint of your life...and that you spend half the day coming up with such comments...good fun right? Well I hate to stop your fun but well go get a life,get a real ID, come back and then we'll talk...