Jul 22, 2009

U Turn # 290 - The Lunch curve


RamNarayan said...

Hey Arun,

I am from Bangalore and I stumbled upon your site from one of my colleagues' blog (http://zenofzeno.blogspot.com) where he talks about Ergo going online, which led me to look at Ergo's site and then your toon there hooked me into here.

I rolled through your previous toons as well and I must say that you (and your team, if there is behind you) are amazing. Could relate to 99% of what you show there. Good observation, bang-on and hilarious.

Great work and keep it coming. In fact, my colleague christened it as the Indian Dilbert.

RamNarayan S

Arun said...

Hey Ram,
good to hear such wonderful feedback, man.I appreciate it a lot.Thanks to you and your colleague! Do spread the link around.

RamNarayan said...

No problem, Arun. Shall spread the word around in my circle of influence. :)

Meanwhile do you have any takes on the business managers (front-end) who are in a world of their own and blame the back-end for everything. :-)

Arun said...

Ram,thanks ! Will see what I can think of.